Forensic Meteorology

When accidents and property losses occur, weather is often a contributing factor. It is critical to know exactly what happened, where, and how severe the weather conditions were to properly determine liability and financial responsibility. We can provide past weather information and, more importantly, translate it from “meteospeak” to a level easily understood by laypeople. Whether you need a simple verification of alleged weather conditions or a complex examination of all past occurrences of an extreme event (e.g., large hail), we can meet your needs. We can provide anything from a straightforward oral or written report up to and including expert courtroom testimony.

We’ve saved defense clients tens to hundreds of thousands in unnecessarily claims, while our plaintiff-related clients have used our information to help rebuild their lives. When the stakes are high, don’t hire just any meteorologist! Hire someone who spends every day conducting weather research and explaining weather concepts in the classroom. Hire someone with both the knowledge and research experience associated with a Ph.D. AND the communication skills associated with a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist. Hire Dr. Dave Call and Weathervane Meteorological Services.

Dr. Call presenting his latest research project at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting